Hello, my name is Konrad Licht.

First of all, I am a father of two great sons: Joseph and Jonathan. Secondly: I have a big crush on our planet earth. I can’t believe how beautiful our globe is. And I want to see as much as possible of it before I have to leave it. That is why I love traveling. Experiencing new countries and  cultures is the best thing I can do while spending my time on this planet. Most likely thats why I studied social anthropology and and film a couple of years ago.

Playing with cameras is my other big passion. I always have taken pictures and produced films and I will probably do it while breathing my last breath. I cannot imagine visiting new places and not taking my beloved FUJI (currently) and my drones. Now you know everything about me in a nutshell. If you want to eat some cookies with me or have a rasberry mojito: awesome! Get in contact now and don’t forget to tell me where you are from! 

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